Health Hacks

When hungry, eat.
When tired, sleep.
— zen saying

The following practices were determined based on my own experience. Therefore you should adjust them based on your own needs after measuring the results they have in your life.


How much?
8h or whatever comes naturally to you without consuming neurostimulants (sugar, caffeine, etc) prior to going to sleep.

At nightfall or before 22:00 so that you can get up before 6:00 (for an 8h sleep).

First step?
You can use this hacks to fall asleep instantly:

Completely dark (use blackout blinds and no standby lights or simply use an eye/sleep mask).

Before going to bed use: dim light (I use a dim red light bulb), night light/settings for your screens (computer, phone, etc), avoid bright blue/cold lights. Also drink plenty of water (at least 0.5L) -> It helps you get up faster of bed in the morning.


  • 0.5L – after waking up -> “boot-up your system”
  • 0.5L – before each meal on an empty stomach -> water reserve during stomach digestion
  • 0.5L – during exercise
  • 0.5L – before going to bed -> night reserve and wake-up trigger

This way you get 2.5-3L of water every day.

Adjust the 0.5L constat according to your own metabolism and external conditions.


Generally when hungry and not when stressed.

  • Morning – when hungry (you can speed up the process by drinking water)
  • Evening – avoid going to bed with a full stomach -> account for the time required for the food to pass the stomach

How to eat?

  • chew food thoroughly until the food in your mouth is liquefied (I use a blender for fruits) -> absorb more nutrients, faster and better digestion, less gas and bloating

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